Harley Davison Synthesis Pocket Leather/Textile Vest (XL) + Yamaha Scooter
Being from Carlsbad, NM I, Grady Ferguson would like to say Thank you to Harley Duke for working with me as I purchased my 2019 Yamaha Scooter and to All the employees @ Champion motorsports Roswell for making me feel Welcome as I went to every department. Second, I would like to say Thank you to Alyse D. for taking her time chatting with me when I had questions when asking about ordering a H-D Synthesis Pocket Leather/Textile Vest. When I chatted with Alyse D. by phone/computer she answered my questions even when my wife and I were in store. I rate 5 Stars Harley Duke and Alyse D. in customer Service/Sales. Sincerely, Grady Ferguson, 1303 N. Canal St #25 Carlsbad, NM 88220 (Employee: Alyse Dowson, Harley Duke)
Grady Ferguson
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